What we do

Our profession is civil and structural engineering. Around this core business, we offer a full-service engineering consultancy that takes in associated disciplines including Land Development, Aquatic Engineering and Remedial Engineering. ​

Land Development Project Management

Each new project starts from the ground up. Bringing your vision to life, and to market, requires a strong foundation. We can steer you through the whole process of land development, including subdivisions, the design and installation of essential services and compliance with regulatory and technical requirements. Whether you’re dealing with a Greenfield or Brownfield project, we have the knowledge, the track record and the networks to execute if successfully. 

Civil Engineering

Great developments rely on solid supporting infrastructure. We’re also experts in the design of roads, pavements, car parks, storm water drainage, sewer, water mains and more: all the important, behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps the show rolling smoothly. Let us pay attention to the gritty, technical details so that nobody else ever has to notice them. 

Civil Construction Administration

Design and planning are one thing, and implementation is a whole different challenge. As a team, we have many decades of cumulative experience in bringing projects to fruition, avoiding the pitfalls and roadblocks that can get in the way. Our repeat clients know the value of employing the right people to get the job done smoothly; work with us to experience the difference. 

Structural Engineering

You’re about to build a work of art. Our job is to make it a reality. We conduct all the necessary work to make the built environment safe, functional and feasible—from buildings to bridges and everything in between. We can help you deliver every size of project. You just supply the vision.

Aquatic Engineering

With the creation of Creo Consultants comes the continuation of dedicated Aquatic Facility Design Services to the Pool and Leisure Sectors where you can expect to receive the devoted attention of people who stake their reputation on the quality of their performance and their service. We are specialists in the engineering of commercial pools in their entirety, from the pool itself, the building that surrounds it, to pool filtration and plant systems. 

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