Forsyth Park 2

Civil Engineering

We specialise in:
  • Residential, Industrial and Commercial Land Subdivision Developments

  • Mixed – use Developments

  • Medium Density Developments

  • Urban Renewals and Infrastructure Projects 

  • Master & Concept Planning and Urban Design

  • Bulk Earthworks Design and 3D Modelling 

  • Urban and Rural Road & Drainage Design   

  • Main Drainage & Outfall Design

  • Intersection and Roundabout Design  

  • Car park and associated Built Form Infrastructure Design across the residential, retail, commercial and industrial sectors  

  • Sewer, Water & Recycled Water Reticulation Design 

  • Design Management and co-ordination of Street Landscape, Electrical, Telecommunication and Gas reticulation designs   

  • Design of Wetlands, Swales and other elements of water treatment approaches incorporating Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

  • Design of Stormwater Detention Systems / Retarding Basins 

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